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Rituals for Wellness

Ele.Mental Health

There is still time to join the Magic.

  • Therapeutic Coaching

  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • Chakra Yoga

  • Elemental Ritual

Four onths of immersion into the healing arts. Feel supremely supported, uplifted, and empowered to take control of your own well-being through meditation, movement, and ritual. Gain access to weekly classes, and a community to hold you accountable for your wellness journey. You are the creator of your own reality. Learn the practical tools and practices to live a life full of joy, meaning & magic.


What reality are you creating for yourself? Does it fill you with joy and peace? If not, Omni Temple has tools to help you cultivate magic in your life.

Omni Temple Offerings

1:1 Therapeutic Coaching

Through the fusion of esoteric wisdom and contemporary Western therapeutic methodologies, I offer practices to spark your connection with your source and help you lead a balanced, meaning-filled life.

Group Wellness Programs

With community, we explore the psyche, philosophy, and contemplative practices to help you cultivate meaning in your life. You will work with Chrissie to move learn and embody what it means to live a life filled with magick.

Public Events

Omni Temple offers non-denominational public rituals and wellness workshops at music festivals, conferences, concerts and events to share the magick of wellness withthe general public.

Spiritual does not mean religious. It is my intention to reintroduce you to your Spirit. The twinkle in your eye when witnessing beauty in nature. The shiver up your spine when you know you're on the right path. The undeniable feeling of connection with everything and everyone. We all have access to this magick, and I am here to facilitate this reconnection for you. Regardless of if you already practice a religion, or if your religion is science and nature. All Are Welcome Here.
Public Events

Public Events

No events at the moment

May 8-12

Welcome to Rockville Festival

Daytona International Speedway, Daytona FL

Omni Temple Performers welcome music fans to Rockville!


May 16-19

Sonic Temple Festival

Historic Crew Stadium, Columbus OH

Omni Temple Performers welcome music fans to Sonic Temple!


June 20-23

Electric Forest Festival

Double J Ranch, Rothbury MI

Omni Temple is teaming up with Subloominous to create a forest of bioluminescent art.


July 18-21

Secret Dreams Festival

Ledgend Valley, Thornville OH


Omni Temple teams up with Subloominous to provide a tea house lounge.


July 22-28

Sirus Rising Festival

Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY

For the 13th year, we return back to Brushwood as the guardians of Water, we will facilitate Water Ritual on Wedneday and , and serving tea at Embass-Tea Tea House all week.

Pink Lotus Flower

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Omni ; of all things

Hello there, my name is Chrissie.

I created Omni Temple to serve as a catalyst for wellness in a culture starved for meaning. 

We facilitate this meaning-making by offering services that nourish the mind, body, and spirit without the dogma. Wisdom can be found within all belief systems. We are all simply facets of the same diamond.

Omni does not claim to know the answers, we merely create an environment and offer tools for you to discover them yourself. Our temple is a transient space held online and in person when like-minded individuals come together to celebrate and learn from the collective unconscious.

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