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Ele.Mental Health | Spring/Summer

Mar 10, 2024 - Jul 24, 2024

Together we will get clear on your wellness goals, understand any maladaptive behavior or thought patterns that might be standing in your way and then, using the elements as inspiration, we explore coping skills such as meditation, guided imagery, ritual and intention setting to reconnect to your highest self. Join to gain access to: - Five 50-Minute Coaching Calls with Chrissie - Five Chakra Yoga Classes - Five Meditation Classes - Five Elemental Rituals - A personalized talisman from Dream Walker Arts to represent your path - Ele.Mental Workbook To access Omni's Practices, you'll be asked to create a Username/Password. All of Omni Temple's offerings are stored in one easy-to-navigate content library. Just click "Join". Sign up using your Google, Facebook or Email, you can revisit your Omni Temple practices at any time.

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