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Aquarius Ritual

Channel your visionary energy for collective well-being. Aquarius calls for change, let us envision the change we want to see int he world, and find actionable steps to do so. This ritual is an opportunity to focus on collective affirmations and visualize a network of like-minded individuals united in a shared vision for positive change. Join us in fostering a sense of unity, support, and shared purpose for the greater good. Join to gain access to -Loving kindness meditation -Actionable steps on how to help your community -Ritualized intention setting for the greater good To access Omni's FREE Mini Practices, you'll be asked to create a Username/Password. All of Omni Temple's offerings are stored in one easy-to-navigate content library. Just click "Join". Sign up using your Google, Facebook or Email, you can revisit your Omni Temple practices at any time.

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