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Capricorn Ritual

Capricorn is all about the material world. Ignite your inner ambition by grounding yourself in the earth element. Reflect on your achievements, acknowledge challenges, and set realistic yet ambitious goals for the future. This guided ritual, designed for personal growth and success, encourages discipline and determination. Elevate your spirit and connect with the energy of Capricorn, creating a foundation for a purposeful journey ahead. Join to gain access to: -Guided Meditation -Reflective Practice -Goal Setting Guidance -Ritualistic Intention Setting Materials needed: salt, earth tone candle, bay leaf, marker, journal and writing utensil, lighter, fire safe mirror or plate *Always treat fire with respect. Have water or an extinguisher handy when around open flames. Omni Temple is not responsible for any damages To access Omni's FREE Mini Practices, you'll be asked to create a Username/Password. All of Omni Temple's offerings are stored in one easy-to-navigate content library. Just click "Join". Sign up using your Google, Facebook or Email, you can revisit your Omni Temple practices at any time.

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