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Omni Temple Productions x DWP

The following document contains a retrospective on Omni Temple's first two DWP events, followed by our proposal for Inkcarceration and a sneak peek into Omni Temple's ideas for DWP's fall festivals. 

Point of Contact:  248-390-9274 



Welcome to Rockville & Sonic Temple 2024

Between May 8th to May 19th, 2024, Omni Temple joined forces with DWP to provide world-class entertainment for thousands of music fans. Within three weeks we designed and created 24 costumes, customized gifts, games, and props. We provided 12 character actors, 40 hours of entertainment & airbrush vendors at two festivals, with their own unique aesthetic and interactive flavor. We invited fans to interact and become a part of the festivals themselves, made them feel special, and encouraged them to play and deepen their connection with the DWP brand. In observing interactions with patrons, speaking with DWP staff, and conducting an exit survey with performers we have gathered data to learn what went well and what can be improved upon for future events. 

Chracter Actors

Roaming Character Actors

Professional character actors deepen the patron's connection to the festival's brand, making them more likely to return again and again. The team is divided into multiple troupes depending on the needs of the event, roaming the festival grounds to provide mini-games, gifts, interactive opportunities, photo ops, and spontaneous variety shows. Each troupe has its own unique, customizable costuming, and interactive styles. Omni Temple works with your branding team to create characters that make the theme of the event come alive! One idea we could expand upon for Inkcarceration is to create characters based on tattoo styles such as American classic (pinup) vs Geometric *Cost of Character Acting may fluctuate depending on the complexity of costumes. Character actors play with patrons with a variety of props and gimmicks to give your guests an experience they will never forget! 



  • 10 hours of roaming characters


  • 12 Roaming Character Actors

  • 1 Omni Manager

  • 2 Troupe Leads

Material Deliverables

  • 12 Customized Costumes​

  • Branded gifts & prizes for patrons 

  • Customized props & games

DWP Requirements

  • ​15 Production Credentials

  • 3 meals per working day for each team member

    • 25 meals for Leads, 15 meals per performer​

  • Lodging Stipend 

  • Travel Stipend

Fire Entertainment 

Our mesmerizing fire performers will captivate festival-goers, enhancing their connection to Inkcarceration's unique atmosphere, and leaving them eager for more. As the sun sets, 6 performers activate strategically placed fire performance zones at headliner stages. These zones meet all industry-standard requirements for fire safety as outlined by National Fire Protection Association 160, section 14. Skilled fire artists provide entertainment for fans uninterested in getting too close to the pit, offering the most metal ambiance and breathtaking photo opportunities! Performance zones are marked by crowd baracaids to ensure safety,10x10, 3-foot tall mini stages are available for an additional cost. Our licensed fire safety manager works with the local fire marshal to obtain fire performance permits. Each Omni Temple performer comes with a 2 million dollar, industry-standard fire performance insurance policy. If a more robust insurance policy is required, Omni Temple can secure an umbrella policy for an additional cost. Premiums are approximately $1000 per additional million needed. Fire performance is rated differently from Pyrotechnics from an insurance, legal, and technical perspective, as there are no explosives involved. See the NFPA 160, Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience for specifics. 



  • 2 hours of fire performance per night 


  • 6 Fire Performers

  • ​​1 Troupe Manager

  • 1 Fire Safety Manager​ (Licened pyrotechnision)

  • 1 Omni Manager

Material Deliverables

  • Fire Performance Zone

    • Fire performance tools & safety equipment

  • Industry Standard Insurance

  • Fire Performance Permits

  • 6 Fire Safe, Customized costumes

DWP Requirements

  • ​9 Production Credentials

  • 15x15 footprint per Fire Performance Zone

  • Security detail per Fire Performance Zone

  • Crowd control barricades for fire zone perimeter.

  • 3 meals per working day for each team member​

  • Lodging Stipend & Travel Stipend

Circus Freakshow

The SQUIDLING BROTHERS are a collective of international circus freakshow performers, combining their feats of wonder, skill, and comedy, the show gives audiences a fast-paced, high-risk, unforgettable experience. Taking from the American Carnival and Theatre of the Absurd traditions, The Squidling Brothers have mutated the classic and the modern to create a style all their own.

Some of the things you'll see in the show are glass walking, the bed of nails, feats of strength, clowning, puppets, sword swallowing, live music, sketch comedy, and the mystery of electricity.  Bringing bizarre and macabre entertainment in front of your very eyeballs! It’s freaks, it's Danger, it's clowns with upside down frowns, turned upside down! 



  • Four 30-minute circus side shows per day


  • 5 Side Show Performers

  • ​​1 Troupe Manager

  • 1 Omni Manager

DWP Requirements

  • ​7 Production Credentials

  • Sound & Stage

    • Minimum 8x16 or larger stage risers​

    • PA System with Bluetooth capabilities

    • Microphone

    • Sound tech for support

  • 3 meals per working day for each team member​

  • Lodging Stipend

  • Travel Stipend

Air Brush Vintage Parlor Activation

Taking our body painting experience to the next level and keeping in theme with the event, the airbrush booth can be transformed into an old-school barbershop, where electric tattoos began. Step back in time and experience the charm of an early 1900s barber shop at our Body Painting Tent, where vintage flair meets modern art. Our tent will transport festival-goers to an era of old-timey snake oil salesmen and whimsical wonders. Our talented artists, dressed in period costumes, will offer unique and colorful body art. Patrons receive customized waterproof/sweatproof bodypaint with stencils for various headlining bands made available. Examples include full-face paints inspired by the band's aesthetic, arm, and leg tribal designs, skull faces, and band logos.



  • 8 hours of airbrush body painting available for purchase by patrons & to Omni performers


  • 2 Professional Air Brush Artists

  • 1 Omni Manager

  • 1 PA / Build Crew

Material Deliverables

  • 1900's Barbershop decor

  • Classic barbershop costumes

  • Airbrush equipment & paint

DWP Requirements

  • 10x10 tent with electric access

    • Within the festival rather than in camping​

  • Branded signage​

  • 4 Production Creds

  • 3 meals per working day

  • Lodging Stipend 

  • Travel Stipend


Quote Breakdown 


Charactor Actors

12 performers, 30 hours

  • Staff: $6,000
  • Performers: $12,000

  • Misc: $5,000

  • Cost may increase depending on the complexity of costumes.



Airbrush Activation

2 artists, 24 hours, 1 activation

  • Staff: $5,500
  • Artists: $2,000

  • Misc: $4,500


*$6,000 if purchased with additional services


Fire Performance

6 performers, 9 hours

  • Staff: $5,000
  • Performers: $6,000

  • Misc: $8,000

  • Optional $5M Policy $3,000

$19,000 - $22,000


Airbrush Basic Vending

2 Artists, 24 hours

  • Staff: $3,500
  • Artists $2,000
  • Misc: $500


*$3,500 if purchased in with additional services


Charactor & Fire Bundle

12 performers, 30 hrs + Fire

  • Staff: $6,500
  • Performers: $15,000

  • Misc: $9,000

  • Optional $5M Policy $3000

$30,500 - $33,500

Jelly TEsla Theatre bizarre.jpg

Circus Sideshow

6 hours of stage entertainment

  • Staff: $3,000
  • Performers: $4,000

  • Misc: $2,500


*$6,500 if purchased with additional services

  • Prices do not include meals, travel, or lodging costs.

  • All team members receive 3 meals per working day.

  • Lodging stipend up to $4,500. Rental organized by Omni Temple and reimbursed within one week of purchase

  • Travel cost Est. $75 per team member, to be reimbursed within 30 days of the event. 

Contact Chrissie at for customizable options.

Fall 2024 Festivals

Fostering continued collaboration with Danny Wimmer Presents

Omni Temple Productions is already brainstorming ways to bring more art, performance, and joy to DWP's incredible lineup of fall festivals.  The gallery below features services that DWP fans are sure to love whether they be metalheads or country folks. We have ideas for a gold rush treasure quest, rodeo clown character actors, Loud Mouth puppets, large-scale carnival games, burlesque stage show, beautiful shade structures, Art Cars, local artist galleries & aerial acrobatics. If any of these services fit your vision for any of the 7 remaining festivals of 2024, Omni Temple can begin collaborating with your team to find the right fit for you.

Branded Quests
Large Scale Games
Art Car
Rodeo Clown
Lasso Shows
Rodeo Clowns
Shade Structures & Hangout Zones
Aerial Acrobatics
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