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1:1 Spiritual Coaching


It begins with a free 15-minute call. Together we will get clear on your intention, timeline, and budget, With your goals and interests in mind, we'll co-create a wellness program to fit your needs. Depending on your interests, coaching programs may include mindfulness and meditation, journaling, movement practices such as yoga or dance, as well as non-denominational rituals. All 1:1 Coaching Services are offered via 50-minute video call.


Basic Coaching

Weekly, 50-minute coaching sessions. We explore how meditation, guided visualization, and other mindfulness practices can help you cultivate meaning and magick in your life. 

Alchemical Coaching

Alongside our weekly 50-minute coaching calls, you receive two yoga classes & one personalized wellness ritual per month. These tools are hand-crafted with your goals and intentions in mind. Alchemize your life, and step into a new reality created by you.

$300 Per Month

$500 Per Month

Coaching vs Counseling

  • As a coach, I am more directive, offering worksheets, teaching coping skills, and facilitating movement, mindfulness & and ritual. As a counselor, you take the driver's seat as I hold space for your emotional needs

  • Coaching is typically future-oriented, emphasizing the identification of goals, creating action plans, and working towards desired outcomes. While counseling often includes an exploration of the past to understand the root causes of current issues. It may involve addressing and healing past traumas or unresolved emotional experiences.

  • As a coach, I can work with you no matter your location, as a counselor, I am only able to work with those residing in Michigan.

  • Insurance does not cover coaching and you will only be working with Omni Temple as your service provider. For counseling, Restorative Health would be your service provider, and we can bill insurance.

  • Although Coaching can be therapeutic, it is not intended to replace counseling. We can explore this further during our consultation if you're uncertain whether coaching or counseling is best for you.

Mindful Mornings

This is the foundational course to Omni Temple's offerings. The way you greet the day sets the stage for the reality you are creating for yourself. Reclaim your mornings. 

Join to gain access to:
-Deep dive instructional video explaining the why's and how's of ritual creation
-Ritual Practice video 
-Access to a member-exclusive Spotify playlist to start your mornings off right
-Access to Omni Temple Wellness Group on Facebook

To access Omni's Practices, you'll be asked to create a Username/Password. All of Omni Temple's offerings are stored in one easy-to-navigate content library. Just click "Join". Sign up using your Google, Facebook or Email, you can revisit your Omni Temple practices at any time.


Schedule a 15-minute consultation

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