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Ele.Mental-Health Online
Spring & Summer Cohort 
elements - 5 months 

*there is still time to join, email

A supportive community of seekers meet weekly over the course of 5 months to practice coping skills, breathwork, yoga, meditation, & rituals to help you explore, interact with, and rejuvenate your Spirit. Using the five elements as our guide, this program will serve as a roadmap to self-regulation, cultivating a sense of peace and meaning in your life. It is our intention that you will walk away from this program with a renewed sense of wonder, and an overabundance of therapeutic tools scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. You will have access to the materials in this program for life so you can return to them when you need, and use them to create your own wellness rituals.

To signify the completion of this intensive program, all participants receive a limited edition  Dream Walker Arts talisman specially designed by our group during our final ritual together. 

  • Class 1: Community Earth Coaching Circle

    • An exploration of Earth element associations from various cultural perspectives and an introduction to thought records and other CBT strategies t focused on identifying and transforming negative core beliefs.

  • Class 2: Grounding Meditation

    • The practice, known as "Grounding," serves as a clinically recognized coping skill to bring attention back to the present moment and alleviate anxiety, with a bonus quest involving interpreting symbols encountered during the walk as a means of communication from the universe.

  • Class 3: Root Chakra (Muladhara) Yoga

    • The root chakra, Muladhara, is associated with grounding and stability. We will learn what an unbalanced root chakra feels like, and practices to bring the Muladhara back into balance. Together, we will move through asana to enhance your connection to the earth element, fostering a sense of rootedness and balance. 

  • Class 4: Earth Ritual for Transmutation of Shadow to Guardian

    • Utilizing archetypal parts work, symbolism (sigil magick), guided meditation & and intention setting we will alchemize the neurotic, shadows aspect of your unconscious mind into the guardian it was always meant to be. This is not a banishing ritual, it is integration. Befreinding the hidden parts of ourselves.

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