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Chrissie Bingham is a spiritual counselor, yoga instructor, and performance artist. Eric Rentschler is an accomplished jeweler, art installationist, and ceremony facilitator. Together, they facilitate non-denominational rituals at festivals and events that offer guests. the opportunity to set intentions, create meaning, and contemplate their path in life. The ritual itself is tailored to the intention of the event itself. These intentions can be as simple as practicing gratitude, setting goals, letting go of obstacles, or writing messages to loved ones who have passed.  An altar space is created for guests to interact with, throughout the event, then Omni Temple holds a ritual around the altar space. Cultivating a sense of community and deeper purpose to an already amazing event.


Past Rituals


Chrissie has been performing since 2008 under the name, Majik, specializing in Fire Arts, Acrobatics, and temple Dance. With a childhood background in Ballet, Hip Hop, and jazz she has tailored her performance style into a dynamic mix of contemporary movement, and technical geometry.


Once the owner of the Detroit Fire Guild, she co-produced 6 theatrical events, choreographing countless performance pieces, and continues to work as fire safety lead for multiple large-scale events. In 2013 she began touring full-time, performing and teaching at a myriad of festivals and events across the US, Central America, and Southeast Asia. She received her 200RYT with Danyasa Yoga Arts and has since rooted down in Michigan to offer healing arts to the community.